Saw Dust Dryer

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Saw Dust Dryer

Sawdust dryer is designed for drying wood shavings, sawdust, wood flour, wood chips etc. The drying production as high as 1 ton/hr and 2 tons/hr, the energy saving effect is significant, and the maintenance cost is very low. Sawdust enters into drying unit. With the joint action of positive and negative guiding and lifting boards and rotary drums, the material boiling in the cylinder and fully in touch with hot air until completing the drying process. Material is highly dispersed in the air flow; the total particles surface is effective drying area.

Sawdust Dryer is main equipment for wood particles and other biomass particles pelleting. Widely used at home and abroad. The use of high-temperature fast drying process, equipped with bio-fuel hot air stove. High degree of automation, good quality of end products. Setting fire safety devices, hot air waste heat utilization and other devices. Large output, low cost, safe and reliable.

Available Spares

Air lock Valve

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