Bio Mass Briquette Machine

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Bio Mass Briquette Machine

A briquettes is essentially a square of compacted biomass squander got from common materials like horticultural waste, ranger service squander, seed covers, coal pieces, and so forth. These briquettes go about as the best substitute for non inexhaustible fuel that is nature inviting. This represents no unsafe impact on the earth and is environment amicable. The fundamental utilization of these briquettes is as a substitute to fuel, coal, cooking and even in boilers.

Bio Mass Briquette Machine is utilized to make briquette out of any rural and backwoods squander. To begin with, briquetting implies diminishing the span of mass thickness crude material into reduced shape, which makes it simple for transportation, consuming and increment its calorific incentive too. Briquetting Machine produces quality briquettes with no need of fastener or compound. It compacts the crude material with the assistance of high weight mechanical punch. Be that as it may, amid the withdrawal of the material, temperature rises satisfactorily to influence the crude material to liberate the various glues that will abetment in ensuring the bits together in the packed shape. In like manner, the innovation of this plant is known as cover less innovation.

  • Excellent source of fuel with good thermal calorific value.
  • Easy to produce.
  • Does not cause emission of effluent or harmful waste while briquetting.
  • It offers consistent combustion.
  • Due to their compact size they are easy to store, handle and transport.

40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 75mm and 90mm

Available Spares

Die Set
Gun Metal Bush

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